About Us

One-stop e-commerce logistics integration solution.

Comprehensive marketing planning.

Colors focuses on integrating partners and customer relationships and resources that have accumulated for many years, mainly providing one-stop e-commerce expansion and logistics integration solutions, comprehensive marketing planning and promotion services for various industries, and taking advantage of physical stores and online stores. Assist brands to promote business and promote more business opportunities.

One Stop Ecommerce Logistics

Professional handling of large amount of orders and delivery, allowing you to easily operate online stores

Package storage (including freezer storage), packaging, and shipping to solve logistics troubles for you and save order processing time

Own logistics and distribution team; logistics covering all areas of Hong Kong and overseas

Large-scale Chain Convenience Store Logistics Pickup Integration

Provide you with the integration of the logistics pick-up service of large local convenience chain stores to reduce delivery costs

Central storage and distribution of packaged goods to the store to solve your logistics troubles and save order processing time

Covering more than 200 self pick-up points in Hong Kong, providing 24-hour convenient pick-up service

Brand Introduction And Joint Promotion

We have a huge customer network, which can promote cooperation between brands and channels, and enhance promotion synergy

Integrate platforms, channel promotion resources, products; matching those resources with suitable brand operators

Digital Marketing

Use digital technology and online media to provide enterprises with online promotion, creativity, social media promotion and other promotional services.

Provide social media operations, search promotion and optimization (SEO / SEM), image advertising, video production, automated marketing process.